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M. Tariq Ahsan

Institute of Education and Research,
University of Dhaka.


M. Tariq Ahsan is working with the Institute of Education and Research (IER) at the University of Dhaka as Professor. He completed his Bachelor (Hons.) and Masters Degree in Education from the IER, Dhaka University. Then as an ADS scholar of the Australian Government, he achieved another Masters degree on Special Education from the Flinders University, Australia in 2004-05. In 2008, Tariq achieved Australian Government's prestigious Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) for doing his Ph.D at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and submitted his dissertation on teacher preparedness for inclusive education. His specialization areas are Inclusive education, Special Education, Hearing impairments, Alternative Communication and Teacher preparation. Tariq conducted a number of research studies on disability, education, special education and inclusive education issues and published more than 50 papers in the form of national and international journal articles, books, conference proceedings, periodicals and reports. He was also involved in Sign Supported Bangla Language Development process in Bangladesh and worked with UNESCO-Bangkok for developing Teachers' Training Toolkit for inclusive education in the Asia Pacific Region. Tariq is involved with the Government of Bangladesh through Plan International Bangladesh initiatives for developing Model Inclusive Schools in primary schools of Bangladesh. Besides, Tariq was also involved in an International project on "Inclusive Education in Asian Countries? at Monash University in Australia as a member of the organizing committee. Tariq is the founding editor of an international journal titled Asian Journal of Inclusive Education (AJIE). As the recognition of his contributions to the area of education, Tariq achieved the Australian Alumni Excellence Awards 2014 from the Australian Government.

Dr. Happy Das

Assistant Professor,
Institute of Education and Research,
Rajshahi University.


Dr. Happy Das was graduated from Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Dhaka. He did his Masters from the same institute majoring Non-Formal and Continuing Education (NFCE). He went abroad for his higher study and again did MA in Education and PhD majoring Child Education in Japan. Now, he is working as Assistant Professor at the Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Dr. Das started his career as Material Developer at BRAC Education Program in 2003. In 2011, he joined Institute of Educational Development (IED), BRAC University Faculty Member. He was responsible for course work and coordination for national and international faculty members for MSc in ECD. He worked for NAPE, DPE and MoPME developing Diploma in Primary Education (DPEd) program with technical, financial and logistical support from UNICEF, JlCA, DFID (Open University, UK and English-in-Action),. He played his role as Academic Reviewer and Writer, Critical Reader and Group Leader of Professional Studies in DPEd program for the last three years. He worked with UNICEF as National Consultant on Parenting Education for Chittagong Hill Tracts Areas (CHT). These days, he is associated with a longitudinal study on the implementation of Each Child Learns (ECL) of the 3rd Primary Education Development Program (PEDP 3).

Golam Kibria

Professional Development Trainer


Throughout my 14 years working experience in child education and development field with different organizations and institutes in Bangladesh, I have been acquainted with the early childhood development & child education components. My expertise's are as follows:

  • Proven knowledge and experiences on program planning, designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Working with the community, upazila and districts level stakeholders.
  • Delivered academic lecture on child education in post-graduate level.
  • Working experiences with local government, development partners, different level local committees and organizations.
  • Develop and design materials training curriculum and instructional materials.
  • Hands on experience in working with Government/NGOs/other UN agencies.
  • Skills in communication and report writing.

Shamima Yasmin

Gender & ECD Specialist


Ms. Shamima Yasmin has 15 Years of experience in development sector in the field of planning, management, developing strategies and policy research, partnership management, Advocacy and campaign, develop curriculum and modulesmaterials development, Training/workshop organize and facilitation, Social Research etc. with both Govt., NGOs & INGOs.

Ms. Shamima is experienced in developing curriculum and teacher guide and Parents Counseling Module on ECD; training facilitation on ECD; designing academic course on ECD and coordinating and managing academic courses; conducting classes and documentation; conducting social research on early childhood education and care; designing learning center, pre-school curriculum and assessment guidelines for the preschoolers; analyzing and evaluating programs from gender perspective, developing and reviewing gender policy, strategies on gender and governance issues, policy briefs to support organisation's campaign; organizing and facilitating workshop/training on Gender and Development; maintaining liaison and networking with different partners, donors and GO, NGOs; building capacity on different issues on Education, Environment and Climate change on gender perspective, Livelihood, Health and Nutrition and ECD; organizing and facilitating training/workshop/orientation on Child Rights, Adolescent Reproductive Health Rights, Child Leadership, Children and women Repression, HIV/AIDS etc.

Nazneen Akhter Ahmed

Principal, Little Wonders


Ms. Nazneen Akhter Ahmed, an early childhood educator is the principal of Little Wonders play and learn center. She Completed her Post Graduation in Early Childhood Development from BRAC University. For the Year 2012 she has achieved Vice Chancellor's Gold Medal and Certificate for her highest distinction in MSECD from BRAC University. She completed Level 1ABA Therapist Training from ABIA Melbourne Australia. She is also a Business Graduate, majoring Finance & Economics from North South University.

 Ms. Ahmed is actively working with institution like BRAC and ICHD (Institute of Child And Human Development). Little Wonders is jointly working with ICHD in many early childhood projects. She runs a team of highly involved early childhood practitioners to organize preschool sessions, preschool play based curriculum, caregivers training manuals, daycare management process and positive parenting sessions and counseling. Her center is also working with few special need students with a target to mainstream them.

With two loving kids and caring spouse she is now settled in Dhaka and prefers to promote early childhood development and inclusive education. Her professional commitment reflects her strong standpoint for early childhood education. In future she intends to develop inclusive preschool curriculum and carry on her researches and contribution in the field of ECD and on inclusive education in larger scale.

Anjuman Parvin

CEO in Heaven Education Services


Anjuman Parvin, is an Early Childhood Educator working as a CEO in Heaven Education Services. She received her Honors Degree in Education at Uttara University and Master of Science in Early Childhood Development at BRAC University. As a professional she has started her teaching career from 2005 and has been working with special need children from 2009.Her professional goal is to identify and support the struggling learners from early childhood. Beside early detection and intervention she is interested in Parenting Support Program to prepare parent as an active partner in their children's learning. Currently, she resides in Dhaka and can be contacted at

Tanzina Quddus Dina

ECD Project officer in Aga Khan Foundation-Bangladesh


Tanzina Quddus Dina is a recent graduate of MSc in Early Childhood Development from BRAC University. Presently she is working as ECD Project officer in Aga Khan Foundation-Bangladesh. She has also worked with ICHD in content development. Her immense interest and dedication to work for children's cause have motivated her to pursue her career in ECD.

Previously she was involved in English Language Teaching as she did her first Masters in Applied Linguistics and ELT from Dhaka University with honors in English from Dhaka University.

She is looking forward to making a unique contribution in the field of human development.

Zannatun Nahar


Zannatun Nahar has been working in the Primary Education and Early Childhood Development (ECD) field for 14 years. She completed her Master's Degree from BRAC University in 2011 on Early Childhood Development, with a dissertation on an 'Assessment Analysis of Bangladeshi Government Daycare Centers' encompassing the current situation, problems, opportunities, etc. She has proficiently designed and developed the ECD program, mapped preprimary and primary curriculum, identified the gaps, designed and complied supplementary books, teacher's guide, developed teaching materials and resources, and organized training programs through her compelling efforts for implementing the program in the field. In addition, she has been facilitating trainings at the National level for the ADPEOs, AUEOs, and Head Teachers of Government Primary schools of Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) to strengthen their capacity to build a conducive and effective schooling environment. She has been an integral part of the NCTB preprimary curriculum team as well as in maintaining liaison and providing technical support to Department of Women Affairs (DWA), ELCD project of Ministry of Women & Children Affairs (MoWCA).