Opening doors for the next generation

Among numerous challenges to be addressed in Bangladesh, ICHD intends to focus on a few – very limited opportunities for development and training of professionals in child development, especially for early childhood development and children with special needs; scarcity of affordable services with acceptable quality in specific aspects of early childhood development and human development, such as parenting skills and tasks, counseling clinics for children and parents, community –based initiatives for socialization and values development of children, and weakness in relevant research capacity in the field of early childhood development.

ICHD, in addressing the priorities noted, will design and partner with others in offering offer academic degree programs, conduct professional training and short coursed, provide services to parents and children in a demonstration and experiment mode, and undertake research initiatives to support evidence-based policy advocacy.

We look forward to receiving the good wishes and encouragement from all who share the goals of ICHD and wish to work with all in cooperation and partnership.

Dr. Manzoor Ahmed

Founder Member and Chairperson of the Board of Management