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The Millennium Development Goals: A Panacea Or Yet Another Agenda

On the eve of the G-8 Summit in Scotland, People’s Forum on MDGs(PFM), Bangladesh organized a meeting of the civil society leaders with the Hon’ble Ambassadors of G-8 countries, heads of aid of the G-8 and other countries and heads of multilateral agencies working in Bangladesh. In the meeting, Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmed, President, Bangladesh Economic Association and Chairman, Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad, presented a Keynote Address which we thought would interest many, should it be published in a little booklet. Dr. Ahmad provided an overview of the MDGs and focused on the Bangladesh perspective. He has maintained that if the MDGs are to be pursued, there are many other issues which need to be sorted out in general and in country specific terms concerning trade, aid and debt relief, social development, gender justice, environmental sustainability and global partnership.