Opening doors for the next generation

Policy Advocacy, Networking and Knowledge Dissemination

ICHD plans to work collaboratively with Bangladesh Early Childhood Development Network (BEN) in achieving the various common objectives. Since 2005 Bangladesh ECD Network (BEN) has been serving as a forum of governmental, non-governmental, United Nations agencies and development in Bangladesh. The goal is to encourage and support the governmental, non-governmental, national and international organizations and partners and other relevant actors in their commitment to and investment in ECD in Bangladesh.

Services to Targetted Clientele

The institute offers services to parents, adolescents and children to address the critical issues related to child rearing and caring, behavior and attitude disorders and developmental delays. The service is available at present by appointment and is planned to be available on a walk-in basis.

Research and Consultancy

The institute intends to offer consultancy on conduction action research and programme evaluation related to early childhood development to ECD implementing organizations (private and government), UN organizations, and development partners. At present Bangladesh has approximately 250 organizations including GO, NGO, INGO, academic and research institutions implementing early childhood programs of different kind.

Academic degree program

Although a Masters program in ECD is available at BRAC University, there is a need and demand for a quality under-graduate degree course in ECD so that professionals engaged in delivery of services have sound theoretical knowledge and can help translate theory into practice.

Professional Short Courses and Training

A proactive program will be implemented to build high-level professional capacity in key areas of Early Childhood Development. The institute offers different short courses and training.

Development and Design of Learning Materials and ICT Resources

Learning contents, materials, resources and children's books will be developed and designed for academic and training programs, teachers and children which will also be available in the market. Learning toys and age-appropriate play materials will be designed and promoted.