Opening doors for the next generation

ICHD plans to work collaboratively with Bangladesh Early Childhood Network (BEN) in achieving the various common objectives. Since 2005 Bangladesh ECD Network (BEN) has been serving as a forum of governmental, non-governmental, United Nations agencies and development in Bangladesh. The goal is to encourage and support the governmental, non-governmental, national and international organizations and partners and other relevant actors in their commitment to and investment in ECD in Bangladesh.

ICHD, in partnership with BEN and other actors in child and human development, will work together to:

Advocate : for ECD with policymakers and stakeholders

Promote : Public awareness

Strengthen : ECD capacity in Bangladesh

Support : The establishment of a solid knowledge base and organizational culture of ECD

Share : Information & assist stakeholders to gain access to new information and knowledge on ECD and

Develop : Generic guidelines and standards for ECD services