Opening doors for the next generation
Counseling for Parents, Adolescents and Children

The institute offers services to parents, adolescents and children to address the critical issues related to child rearing and caring, behavior and attitude disorders and developmental delays. The service is available at present by appointment and is planned to be available on a walk-in basis.

Screening service for young children

The institute will introduce standardized tools to assess and measure developmental delay and disorders of young children so that problems can be detected early and preventive and remedial measures can be taken. The international tools to be used are adapted to the Bangladesh context.

Establishing day care center lab sites

In Bangladesh very limited opportunities are available to relate theory to practice using a laboratory setting. ICHD will take the initiative to establish one or more day care center lab to enable the students of the academic course to observe children in developmental perspectives and assess their traits, growth and behavior patterns. It will be used also for learning purpose of the ECD professionals, practitioners and researchers.

Technical services to exiting day care centers, early learning centers and preschools

In Bangladesh there are significant number of public, NGO and private sector day care, early learning and preschool centers, however their quality is uneven and always a concern. There are few institutions available to provide technical support to help assess and improve the quality of services to young children. ICHD plans to offer technical support to day care and other early learning centers in order to assure and enhance quality of services.