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Under Graduate Program in ECD

Although a Masters program in ECD is available at BRAC University, there is a need and demand for a quality under-graduate degree course in ECD so that professionals engaged in delivery of services have sound theoretical knowledge and can help translate theory into practice.

ICHD has taken the initiatives of designing and offering an under-graduate course in ECD, which can be offered within the general undergraduate program and as part of professional preparation for teachers, nurses, health workers and social welfare service providers.

Uniqueness of the program
  • Blend of classroom and field learning opportunities will be emphasized.
  • Active participatory teaching and learning methods will be used.
  • A pilot development of a context-specific academic program will be undertaken. Course materials (case studies, handout etc) will be developed in the context of Bangladesh.
  • Combination of Global and National ECD perspectives will be applied.
Library and learning resources:

To ensure better access to resource and knowledge, the institute plans to have membership of international library networks and electronic subscriptions to journals. It will have modern facilities, an atmosphere for scholarship and research, and will build up a specialized collection of resources on Early Childhood Development.