Opening doors for the next generation

A proactive program will be implemented to build high-level professional capacity in key areas of Early Childhood Development. The institute offers different short courses and training as follows:

Certificate Courses for school teachers in the private sector

The Institute has developed a certificate course on child development, play, creativity and early literacy and numeracy for private school teachers. These courses focus on both theory and practice.

Short courses to ECD professionals

The institute plans to offer two certificate courses on critical issues related to child development for ECD professionals, practitioners, researchers and policy makers. One course will focus on child rearing and caring, brain development, health and nutrition, early interventions and early detections. The second course will be based on program models, program designing, monitoring and evaluation.

Training support to ECD network members

The institute organizes need based training on child development concepts and programs for ECD network members. Demand for such training is high within the country. The number of member organizations of Bangladesh ECD network has been increasing but very limited institutional support is available at present in the